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After School Program

Our Mission...

The Challedon After School Golf Program provides a fun, positive learning environment where young children can learn and develop the proper skills to reach their full potential in golf. Students learn the basic fundamentals of the golf swing as well as the math and science involved to create the perfect swing. Challedon is committed to enhancing the enjoyment and excitement for students about this wonderful game called golf.

Our Vision...

Is to bring a state championship to a high school golf team in Carroll County by introducing and developing golfers at a young age.

Core Values:

  • Sportsmanship
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Courtesy
  • Confidence

Participating Schools:

We are a proud partner of Carroll County Public Schools. Please inquire about specific school participation.

U.S. Kids Clubs

The Links at Challedon is an authorized U.S. KIDS CLUBS retailer. Please come see us before you visit the big box stores and support your local business. We offer free fittings and guarantee the lowest prices on Jr. Clubs!

Email Kristopher Gooding at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for pricing and more details.

After School Testimonials

She loves your class. Says golf is so much fun! Thank you for that!!!!
-Tracey Taylor

Kris, all of us think what you are doing at MAES for the students is incredible!
Thank you,
-Terry A Cimino
Clerk II
MAES Elementary School

She has been loving coming to golf and wants to continue with the second session. She assured me she will be back next week. :-)

Hi Kris,
Thank you and thanks to everyone else involved with this activity. Bree is really enjoying it.
Please reserve a spot for Breanna Hancock on Wednesdays for session 2. I will follow up with forms and payment.
-Jeremy Hancock

Cole has been begging to sign up for session 2, so I'll fill out the form and payment ASAP.
Thank you!
Kristin D'Onofrio
Thank you, Bri is having a blast in the program.
-Jeremy Hancock

As you know Faith Herdman will Return next session!
She loves the program and we even went to hit ball this weekend and ate at the grill. She loves the coaches and going to the program is one of her favorite activities as she is also a competition dancer and golf gives her a much needed break from her dance schedule.
Thank you so much for offering this program
-Beth Herdman

Just confirming you are still good to attend our PTA meeting tomorrow? There is a lot of interest in this club starting up.
-Carrolltowne PTA

This sounds like a great program and if you would like to request a spot on the agenda for a PTA meeting I would need to forward the request to our PTA officers.
-Mrs. DuPree
Carrolltowne Elementary School

Hayden definitely has found a new, life-long passion. He is having a fabulous time learning the game!
-After School Parent