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Course Tour

Hole #1
hole 1

Hole #1

Par 5 Handicap 3

Play dead center towards the direction of the pole. A precise approach shot is needed on this undulating putting green.

Black537 yds
Gold517 yds
Silver499 yds
Jade456 yds
Hole #2
hole 2

Hole #2

Par 4 Handicap 11

A well hit drive off of this spectacular elevated tee will leave a mid-iron approach to this well guarded green.

Black420 yds
Gold388 yds
Silver377 yds
Jade341 yds
Hole #3
hole 3

Hole #3

Par 5 Handicap 1

The safe play off of the tee is a long iron or fairway wood to avoid the pond. The approach shot must be precise into this well protected green.

Black557 yds
Gold522 yds
Silver479 yds
Jade439 yds
Hole #4
hole 4

Hole #4

Par 4 Handicap 7

A well placed drive down the right side is a must to have a clear shot to the green. Beware of the deep bunker to the right of the green.

Black389 yds
Gold355 yds
Silver345 yds
Jade285 yds
Hole #5
hole 5

Hole #5

Par 3 Handicap 17

Be sure to select the proper club from the elevated tee on this short, but dangerous, par 3.

Black131 yds
Gold104 yds
Silver103 yds
Jade93 yds
Hole #6
hole 6

Hole #6

Par 4 Handicap 5

With out of bounds to the right, and a hazard to the left, an accurate drive is a must to reach this elevated fairway. An errant tee shot will almost guarantee an above par score.

Black395 yds
Gold338 yds
Silver326 yds
Jade286 yds
Hole #7
hole 7

Hole #7

Par 3 Handicap 15

This green is 2 to 3 clubs deep. Be sure to take into account the hole location before selecting your club.

Black162 yds
Gold147 yds
Silver144 yds
Jade132 yds
Hole #8
hole 8

Hole #8

Par 4 Handicap 9

A well placed drive well set you up nicely on this picturesque par 4. The elevated green may require more club on your approach.

Black392 yds
Gold378 yds
Silver358 yds
Jade335 yds
Hole #9
hole 9

Hole #9

Par 4 Handicap 13

A Driver is not always needed on this short par 4. A well played second shot will leave you with a birdie opportunity.

Black340 yds
Gold318 yds
Silver304 yds
Jade275 yds
Hole #10
hole 10

Hole #10

Par 5 Handicap 2

Two well struck shots will put you in position for a short iron approach on this long and rolling par 5.

Black585 yds
Gold536 yds
Silver504 yds
Jade439 yds
Hole #11
hole 11

Hole #11

Par 4 Handicap 16

A precise tee shot with a long iron or fairway wood is the safe play on this short par 4.

Black338 yds
Gold322 yds
Silver293 yds
Jade277 yds
Hole #12
hole 12

Hole #12

Par 3 Handicap 18

The double tiered green requires an accurate club selection off the tee.

Black191 yds
Gold176 yds
Silver151 yds
Jade124 yds
Hole #13
hole 13

Hole #13

Par 4 Handicap 6

Players must avoid going long and right of the green on their approach shot on this scenic, uphill par 4.

Black387 yds
Gold361 yds
Silver347 yds
Jade327 yds
Hole #14
hole 14

Hole #14

Par 3 Handicap 12

A beautiful long par 3 that requires an accurate tee shot on this very large , sloping putting green.

Black208 yds
Gold197 yds
Silver180 yds
Jade158 yds
Hole #15
hole 15

Hole #15

Par 4 Handicap 8

Off the tee, players must avoid the overhanging trees on the right and the left fairway bunker to set up a mid to long iron approach to this challenging green.

Black418 yds
Gold397 yds
Silver380 yds
Jade362 yds
Hole #16
hole 16

Hole #16

Par 4 Handicap 14

The tee shot must reach the plateaued landing area to see the green on the approach. Beware of the three pot bunkers in the fairway short and left of the green.

Black327 yds
Gold312 yds
Silver302 yds
Jade258 yds
Hole #17
hole 17

Hole #17

Par 5 Handicap 4

A well struck drive provides the opportunity for getting home on this par 5 in two. If necessary, lay up short and left to provide the best angle to the flagstick.

Black537 yds
Gold506 yds
Silver465 yds
Jade453 yds
Hole #18
hole 18

Hole #18

Par 4 Handicap 10

A drive down the middle with driver or a fairway wood will set up a mid-iron approach on this tight finishing hole.

Black395 yds
Gold376 yds
Silver344 yds
Jade315 yds